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Post-Doctoral Researcher
in|situ| lab
INRIA Saclay Île-de-France
About Me

I research new technologies and tools used by multidisciplinary human-centered design teams. I am also interested in the role that sustainability plays in early-stage design, both in balancing the users’ and designers’ values with respect to sustainability, and in using sustainability as a source of inspiration for innovation.

I am currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the in|situ lab at INRIA Saclay Ile-de-France, working with Wendy Mackay. My current work looks at how collaborating designers interact with digital designs and physical artifacts through digital fabrication.

I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley (December 2012). I am an alumna of the Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD) and the BEST Lab.  My primary research advisor was Alice Agogino (ME); I also collaborated on research projects with Sara Beckman (Haas/Business) and Björn Hartmann (EECS/HCI).

I have a B.S. (2006) in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where I did undergraduate research at the Center for Design Research. I also have a M.S. (2008) in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. I was a very active member of the Berkeley design community: I was the graduate student advisor to Berkeley Innovation, helped form the Human-Centered Design Course Thread at the Townsend Center for the Humanities, and advised Haas’ Design Innovation and Strategy Club (DISC). I am a former editor-in-chief of Ambidextrous Magazine, a Stanford-based design magazine.

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Research on Prototyping →

A tumblr site where I’m keeping track of research and resources on prototyping.

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Press: "For Good Design, Start with the End User" →

Article written for “Innovations”, alumni magazine for the UC Berkeley College of Engineering. Describes a few of the human-centered design programs I’ve helped support over the years, including the Human-Centered Design Course Thread and Berkeley Innovation.

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Current Research Topics

Distributed Collaborative Fabrication

Mobile & Distributed Technology for Design

Sustainability and Design for Environment (DfE) in Conceptual Design.

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Recent Publications
  • "Showing is Sharing: Building Shared Understanding in Human-Centered Design Teams with Dazzle". Lora Oehlberg, Kyu Simm, Jasmine Jones, Alice Agogino, Björn Hartmann. DIS 2012.
  • "Mapping the Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Impact of Design for Environment Principles". Lora Oehlberg, Cindy Bayley, Cole Hartman, Alice Agogino. CIRP LCE 2012.
  • "Mobile Learning with the Engineering Pathway Digital Library". Kimiko Ryokai, Alice Agogino, Lora Oehlberg. IJEE (pending publication)
  • “Dazzle: Supporting Framing in Co-Located Design Teams Through Remote Collaboration Tools.” Lora Oehlberg, Jasmine Jones, Bjoern Hartmann. CSCW 2012 Extended Abstract and Poster. Seattle, WA.
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HCI Design Clinics, Berkeley Institute of Design, Spring 2009

HCI Design Clinics, Berkeley Institute of Design, Spring 2009

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Teaching the {design.} DeCal, Spring 2010.

Teaching the {design.} DeCal, Spring 2010.

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